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Charlie's Brother (Chris Kelmeckis) is a character in Perks of Being a Wallflower. In the film, he is portrayed by Zane Holtz.


In the book, it is explained by Charlie that Chris was a really good older brother who always defended Charlie. He taught him how to box when he heard that a boy in his school had been bullying him, and it is explained that he loves sports. Furthermore, he has dreams of going pro, and it is also revealed that he likes cars, because he likes working on his Camaro a lot.


He goes to Penn State and is on a scholarship for football. Before he went to college, he helped Charlie out after his best friend Michael died. He took him out of school and distracted him by allowing him to help work on his Camaro.



Charlie's brother often fights with his sister, when he brings up her abusive boyfriend it's shown that he expressed remorse for bringing up a sore subject. (Candace in film).

His relationship to Charlie is described to be relatively good. When Michael commits suicide, he picks a distraught Charlie up from school. He helps Charlie regain his composure.


He temporarily dated Kelly, a Penn State cheerleader. Kelly breaks up with him for cheating on her with another girl.