sPatrick is the stepbrother of Sam and one of Charlie's best friends in The Perks of being a Wallflower


Charlie first meets Patrick in a workshop class. After coking the teacher, who addresses him as "nothing", he (Patrick) thanks Charlie for not calling him "Nothing" like everyone else. They met again at a football game, which happens to be the same place where Patrick learns Charlie's name and where Charlie meets Sam. After a while, at a house party, Charlie catches Patrick and Brad kissing. But everything was fine because Charlie was high, and he can keep a secret. Brad's father catches Brad and Patrick having sex and beats up Brad but he (Brad) lies to his friends at school that he got the bruises from when he was jumped in a parking lot.

One day, during lunchtime, Brad calls Patrick a "faggot", leading Patrick to out him. When Brad's friends began beating Patrick, Charlie came to his rescue, saying to the thugs, "Nice shirt FACE FUCK." Patrick express his gratitude to Charlie by taking him on a trip to Schenley park in his pickup truck, and the two become friends again.


Sam and Patrick are step siblings and are very close to each other. There are 7 weeks between them, and he jokingly claims that she "ruined his life forever" after getting him "some good music". Sam and Patrick both care for each other like brother and sister, which leads Charlie to once mistake them as a couple. She is described as a girl with great love for music.


Patrick was romantically involved with Brad. When Brad's father caught them, he beat up his son for being romantically involved with a cute boy. Brad turns cold on Patrick, who refuses to acknowledge the breakup. He tries to converse with him at lunch, only to get rejected by Brad, called a faggot and punched by Brad's Balls; however, Patrick got saved, thanks to Charlie.