Samantha Dutton, also called Sam is the stepsister of Patrick and Charlie's love interest in The Perks of being a Wallflower.

Personality Edit

Sam is a friendly, generally sweet, reserved and slightly timid girl who can be crazy when she wants to be.

Character Summary Edit

Sam is in high school and, along with her stepbrother, Patrick becomes friends with Charlie at their school’s football game. She quickly became one of the main influences in Charlie’s life. During her youth (seven years old), Sam experienced a terrible traumatising encounter when her father's boss molested her  Then, reaching her adolescence, and entering high school, Sam made some questionable decisions regarding relationships and sex. She was known for getting drunk and sleeping around, and she said that she has slept with many guys who treated her poorly.  As Sam continued to grow, she slowly began realizing that she is worth more than what she was put through as a child, and ended her sad cycle of sleeping around.

However, in senior year, Sam began dating Craig, who seemed to be more interested in a physical relationship than an emotional one. In the novel, Charlie said that it seems Craig fails to listen to her as he always seems "distracted".  He also noticed that Craig seemed more interested in himself than he was in Sam. Nevertheless, Sam stayed in a relationship with Craig and believed he was the One.

Nearing the end of the novel/film, Sam realized that Craig had been cheating on her throughout their relationship and broke it off with him. This quickly led to Charlie and Sam having a bit of an unofficial relationship before Sam headed off to college.



In the beginning of the book, it is learned that Charlie had a very serious crush on her despite her advising him to "not think of her in that way", because he is too young for her and they could never be together.  Charlie, respecting Sam a lot from the beginning, thought of her every day that she was away. Charlie and her later kiss and start "dating" before she leaves for college.


Charlie, Patrick, and Sam (left to right) celebrating that Patrick did just pass shop class.


Patrick and Sam are step-siblings. Even though they always tease each other, like Patrick on one instance saying he hated her for ruining his life after she got him into some good music, they are close and share a bond as if they were biological siblings.